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Mary had a Little… Cow

June 25, 2011

Calvin can join in while I sing. Though that’s restricted to saying ‘star’ when I sing Twinkle, Twinkle. When I sing Mary had a little Lamb and wait for him to complete the lamb word, he would insist that Mary had a cow instead. He can be very persistent.

Just like how he insists that the zebra is a giraffe.
‘Look, Calvin. That’s a zebra’
‘No, it’s a zebra’

You get the gist…


Standing Up Tall

June 15, 2011

This morning, Calvin showed us that he can stand up from sitting position with no support at all. I don’t remember all the motions he went through, but he was on all fours like a bear and then he just straightened up. He did land on his butt a couple of times but he managed it like a champ and even walked a few steps each time he succeeded, beaming with joy.

Oh my cute little boy!

My Little Walkie Talkie

June 13, 2011

Calvin ‘talks’ so much now that we can hardly remember the times when he used to be very quiet when we are outside. Now, he’ll exclaims and points out to us – ‘Bird bird’,  ‘Car car’, regardless of whether we are indoors or outdoors. One time, I asked Johnny to bring him out for a walk first while I finish dinner. When I was done, I went out to join them and was starting to wonder where they were. And then I heard a strident ‘Bah!’ — aka bus. And sure enough, little Calvin and his papa were at the top of the two flights of stairs, more than 100m away.

This weekend, he started taking many many independent steps forward. He still doesn’t stop trying to walk backwards with his wagon or walk up the stairs while we are holding his hands. When we brought him to the pool yesterday, he didn’t really want us to hold his hands and walk around anymore! The little independent boy wanted to do things his way. That way seems to come with drinking lots of pool water though so he ended up crawling around the little steps of the wading pool and we had to bundle him off before he caught a cold.

Now that he’s walking, I’m starting to worry about how I’ll need to child proof the apartment next time. The one we are getting comes with stairs and that’s a big worry. I wonder how my mom handled us three kids and the stairs last time. Asian people don’t really child proof their houses after all.

Ipad 2 & Random Thought

June 8, 2011

I placed an order for an IPad 2 last weekend. We decided that I’d probably need a portable device when I’m staying at home. It’ll probably be a lifesaver on our way to Charlottesville. I’m already trying to hunt down Chugginton episodes to keep him occupied. I’m not a big fan of entertaining kids with electronic devices but we’ll certainly need all the help we can get on that flight.

One of the things I miss is reading. I’ve read a lot more fantasy books in the past few years, straight out of Johnny’s repository, and little else. That would be one activity I’d like to pick up again, in part because it’s something I really enjoy and also to inculcate the good habit in little Calvin. I expect that I’d have to speak Chinese with him more often when we are overseas. I’ll need to think about how that is done. My Chinese was pretty good but after 10 years of speaking not more a small smattering of it when needed, I’m not sure I remember that much of it. Well, probably still enough to teach a young child. I’ve bought some Chinese books to bring with us to help me along as well but I think I’ll hold off teaching him Chinese until he can speak better in English. From the literature I’ve seen online, it seems that learning two languages at once will slow down his speech development (which doesn’t exactly surprise me….. if it’s not confusing enough to learn one language….) At any rate, we’re not looking to have him be a Chinese scholar. He just needs to learn enough to get by. After all, I learnt English when I was older as well and that didn’t really stop me from being good at it. There’s still so much to do before we go and I’m starting to get a little stressed that we don’t have that much time to do them.

Even though we’ve found an apartment we are happy with, the landlord still hasn’t sent us the lease to sign, which is rather disturbing because it’s been a while since we gave him our arrival details etc.

Calvin’s First Steps

June 5, 2011

Calvin took his first few independent steps this weekend. When he’s concentrating hard on using both his hands to eat/ play, he’ll stand unsupported as well. He’s been walking all over the house with his little wagon, ice cream truck and even the activity table. But it’s still past my bet that he will walk in May. Rats, I missed that by a couple of days.

Our very own Home.

June 3, 2011

I’m so excited! Our queue number in the latest BTO at Sengkang was around 260 with 460+ units for selection. We will be selecting our unit in 2 weeks time. We should be able to get a semi-decent unit though we’re not super particular about most things except location and as long as it’s not on a very low floor. In the last 4 or 5 BTOs, we were flat out above the 300% cut off i.e queue number was more than 3x the number of units available. Even though we may not even be around to stay in the place, we’ll at least have the option of coming back to a place of our own. Most likely that will be for the sake of Calvin, either for his education or at the minimum his reservist. Poor guy, can’t believe that he will have go for that. It’s such a waste of time, but there’s no escaping from it coz we definitely won’t be able to convert him to another citizenship by the time he turns 11, which is the cut off by which boys can choose to drop their Singapore citizenship without serving NS. So far, seems like the units facing the ‘longkang’ and park are the most popular though we are personally more concerned with how close it is to the MRT. The distance from the development is about 1 km to Sengkang MRT which is about the same distance we have to walk now to the MRT, so I can imagine us walking over instead of waiting for the LRT. Plus we’d rather stay close to the parking lot. The thought of having to walk 300m to and from the multistory carpark just seems pretty blah. Well, so we have a wish list of sorts but I guess ultimately we’re fine with most of the choices. Will see what’s left when it’s our turn.

P.S: More words that Baby Calvin has picked up 19. Shoes (‘…sh…shu’)