My Little Walkie Talkie

Calvin ‘talks’ so much now that we can hardly remember the times when he used to be very quiet when we are outside. Now, he’ll exclaims and points out to us – ‘Bird bird’,  ‘Car car’, regardless of whether we are indoors or outdoors. One time, I asked Johnny to bring him out for a walk first while I finish dinner. When I was done, I went out to join them and was starting to wonder where they were. And then I heard a strident ‘Bah!’ — aka bus. And sure enough, little Calvin and his papa were at the top of the two flights of stairs, more than 100m away.

This weekend, he started taking many many independent steps forward. He still doesn’t stop trying to walk backwards with his wagon or walk up the stairs while we are holding his hands. When we brought him to the pool yesterday, he didn’t really want us to hold his hands and walk around anymore! The little independent boy wanted to do things his way. That way seems to come with drinking lots of pool water though so he ended up crawling around the little steps of the wading pool and we had to bundle him off before he caught a cold.

Now that he’s walking, I’m starting to worry about how I’ll need to child proof the apartment next time. The one we are getting comes with stairs and that’s a big worry. I wonder how my mom handled us three kids and the stairs last time. Asian people don’t really child proof their houses after all.


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