DSCF3013Apart from words, Calvin is also learning how to make the typical sounds for things like car. Not counting the choo choo, which he thinks refers to the train itself, he can also remember many transportation sounds like ‘beep beep’ (bapeep), ‘vroom vroom’ (broom broom), ‘dee dee dee’ (for reversing truck).

Recently his canines are on the verge of coming out. Not sure it that has affected his appetite or he’s craving for more flavorful food now but he’s not been eating a fantastic amount. He’ll spit out most food after two chews or ‘dejuicing’ them. The funny thing is that he’ll take them out with his hands and return them to me. I guess that’s better than flinging it onto the floor which is what he will do if I look like I have no inclination of taking over the slimy goop. He seems to be quite eager to eat the food that we eat though so maybe he’s just sick of the bland stuff. This weekend, he tasted mutton satay and pizza for the first time. Strangely he even like the tough crust from the leftover pizza the next day. I thought he wasn’t keen to chew but looks like the opposite might be true instead. I guess at this age, he’s more than ready for table food, which I have been giving him in limited quantities anyway.


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