Oh, my Notty Little Boy

He was great today when we met up with a few of the ex-NPD gang. Sat and ate pretty well – he definitely likes his dimsum, like mummy like son? Though he had a small meltdown when one of the waitresses made eyes at him, it was pretty all right. He actually sat on my lap for a good amount of time and explored the garden outside for quite a while as well.

The most hilarious event though was when I was talking to the rest and somewhat neglecting him. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw his hands under my chin and I thought he was just fiddling with his little bowl and spoon. Suddenly, he made a sound (was it ‘nose’?) and raised his protruding index finger, right into my nostril! Granted, that’s what he normally does when we ask him where the nose was, but that was uncalled for!


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