The dreaded hfmd

This Tuesday we were told that there were 3 cases of hand foot mouth disease at Calvin’s childcare centre. As we’ve planned to go to the lawyer’s that afternoon we had no choose but to leave him at childcare. Anyway, we thought it would have been too late since he would likely have been infected long before. That pm we received a call saying that Calvin had a lot of rashes in his mouth. We didn’t see anything untoward when we picked him up but we decided to go see a doctor anyway to confirm. Much to our relief, the doctor found him to be hale and hearty. We decided to keep him at home over the next few days anyway just in case more outbreak occurs at his school.

Then on Saturday morning, he didn’t want to eat anything including his milk and other favorites like raisin. He’ll take a sip and cried out in pain. Sensing that something was wrong, we brought him back to his doctor. It was discovered that his mouth was covered with ulcers. The poor dear! He was almost inconsolable the whole day. He couldn’t really eat, drink or swallow. We suspected that his throat hurt so he barely ate anything at all. All we could do was try to keep him hydrated.

This morning he seemed to be in a better mood but it quickly turned when there seems to be even more mouth and tongue ulcers now. The only thing that comforted him was to be carried around. As it is, I’m typing this on my iPad while he sleeps in the carrier. As usual, I’m thankful that I have this carrier. It has tide me through multiple bad bouts of illnesses when we have no choice but to carry him throughout the day. Definitely well worth every penny.



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