Charlottesville 14 Aug

Our flight on United turned out to be a better experience than SQ. We purchased 3 seats instead of the bassinet seat that we got on SQ. Since Calvin had a hard time sleeping in the bassinet, he ended up on our lap most of the time. The bassinet seats doesn’t allow you to lift up the arm rest so it was hard to give him enough room to lie down flat. The united flight was a far cry and we had a relatively good 4 hr flight. The last 1 hr leg on the little mosquito aircraft was as bad as I expected but given the amount of luggage that we had, taking a bus or driving from Washington wasn’t really a great option either. It’s a good thing we decided to cut down on the amount of luggage we brought, from 4 suitcases to 3 because we would surely not be able to handle 4. Especially not with the stroller, two backpacks, one hand carry bag plus a food bag that we still had to deal with as carryon.

So we arrived rather uneventfully, except that the house was truly unfurnished in every sense. The electricity wasn’t even activated and we had to spend the first night without any power at all. We were pretty jet lagged anyway so that’s fine. It was kinda warm though and we had to resort to a hand powered paper fan to keep the little Calvin heat monster from rampaging.

It’s been 6 days now since we arrived in C’ville. We have electricity now and two cellphones, but no Internet yet and probably won’t have it set up until late next week when the modem finally arrives. The food around our place is limited and not very appealing, so I’ve been cooking a fair bit recently. I definitely still need quite a lot of kitchen supplies though and more counter space. there’s barely any room in the kitchen to put anything down. We are also still looking for furniture. The only thing ‘furnished’ right now are two mattresses on the floor, a pot, one sautĂ© pan, cutlery and some bowls and plates.

We’ve been walking out about 3 minutes to the on campus area so we can use the wifi, so I’ve managed to make some purchases online. I’m expecting about 6 parcels next week and probably more when I have the time to sit down and shop properly.

Calvin and I seem to not be that jet lagged anymore, thankfully. He’s been taking long late afternoon naps and waking up at 3am every night for. Which means that’s what the rest of us are doing too.

I’m a little fretful about taking care of him and having to cook the whole day. I think we’ll need some convenience food for a while to give myself a break in the early days. Little Calvin just doesn’t let us have a moment to ourselves. On the one hand, I’m happy that he enjoys being read to the whole day, but i don’t really relish reading ‘my truck is stuck’ on repeat mode 10 times in a row, twice a day, every day… Do you think he will settle for an audio book instead? He’s also so into watching videos on the iPad, that I’m tempted to use that to give myself time to cook every day. The cost of eating out is quite alarming indeed. I guess they weren’t joking when they said C’ville has a relatively high standard of living.


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