Settling in

It’s been 11 days since we got here. We now have some minimal furniture and Internet though the wireless modem will only be here next Monday so we only have access on one PC at the moment. I’m not so sure if/ when we should get another computer for me. For now, the iPad will suffice even though I can’t access sites that use flash.

We’ve been spending a lot of money furnishing our place. When I think of the fact that we only have whatever came with us in the three suitcases, it shouldn’t really come as a big surprise but given that we still haven’t set up an easy way to transfer our money from Singapore, cash flow is a bit of a problem. So now I feel like a really poor housewife. Trying to save money all the time is stressful and not very fun I must say. Since the food here is pretty expensive (I’ve already spent $400 on groceries alone) – even Chinese takeout are $9 per dish, plus the serving sizes are not big enough for us to split one main course between us – I’ve had to cook most our meals. My sad repertoire of recipes is slowly expanding since it’s either that or eat the same things over and over again. For instance, i made some pretty yummy chicken and black bean quesadillas and also sloppy joes.

Calvin has been eating very well recently. Maybe he’s hitting another growth spurt. The little sack of potatoes is getting harder to carry each day.

We also have access to zipcars now. This allows us to rent cars by the hour. It’s cheaper than owning a car but thinking of the out of pocket costs every single trip makes shopping trips a rather rushed affair – it’s hard not to tag on the cost of the rental to the trip, making it sometimes seem more worthwhile to shop online. I wish I could browse at leisure rather then have to watch the clock all the time. Granted that most trips out with him is constrained by his nap times anyway. He sometimes sleeps in the ergo carrier but the nap doesn’t seem to be as restful.


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