Calvin is a little boy now

Calvin’s little antics are getting more cute than notty nowadays. In fact, his growing independence means that we can actually both sit down at the table for a meal while he plays (and runs back demanding his share – ‘ahm’ ‘ahm’ goes the relentlessly hungry bear).

He seems a different boy altogether since we came here. He’s a lot more vocal and seems to be much happier than before. For one, he’s eating very well, three decent meals, a good amount of milk and snacks in between. In fact, he is so hungry that he’s the one demanding to be fed most of the time. It seems like he has put on more weight as well. We don’t have a weighing scale here, but our sore arms are testament to how heavy he really is.

Things that he does
– Puts his hands to his eyes and waggles them saying ‘glasses’
– crawl under our legs while chanting ‘tunnel’
– Playing with Maisy and panda, telling them to ‘sleep, sleep’ then tossing them out
– getting ‘Stuck’ by stuffing his hand between the mattresses
– Learning patty cake
– calling ‘all board’ at the conductor picture in the train book
– stridently demanding his melon to be served
– grabbing his shoes and then point at himself saying ‘baby’ indicating that those belong to him
– chanting ‘baby’ whenever I whip out the camera. He thinks it’s just a device with photos and videos of him.

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