The non-event and cooking Sunday

Hurricane Irene turned out to have little impact on C’ville, thankfully. There wasn’t even a fallen branch near our house as far as we could tell. Somehow it feels funny to have lived so close to these major events like 9/ 11, a 5.9 earthquake and a major hurricane.

Today was a really sunny day after the constant rain yesterday. It’s also a major cooking day for me. The plan is to cook the week’s dinners over the weekend to freeze/ refrigerate and take them out when I’m simply too overwhelmed by Calvin to cook a proper meal. I made a small batch of cookies today too as a treat. It turned out to be ok and I’m eager to try another recipe once we go through this batch of cookie dough. I don’t think I’ll actually bake that much though since I don’t have any real baking tools like a mixer, parchment paper nor cooling racks. Not even a little whisk! My primary aim is still to cook our main meals. We eat surprisingly well considering we are trying to cut down our expenses. Maybe it’s because we are eating food we like everyday instead of the meals that are catered more to others’ tastes, not to mention that it’s healthy as I’m very careful about things like fat and sodium. I’m quite proud to say that most meals so far are made from scratch since I’m particular about the chemicals and additives they put in processed food. I may yet succumb when I grow tired of this cooking business. We’ll see how it goes. =)


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