Home made cookies

20110830-114800.jpg So here I am, suffering still from the sticker shock of food prices here in Charlottesville though my only reference are prices from Ithaca 10 years ago. We’ve been eating at home since dining out isn’t as enjoyable when one of your companions have wander lust and doesn’t let you have two consecutive bites without interruption and also to save on food costs.

Today, I’ve baked up the remaining of the home made cookies. Gee, I sure feel strangely domestic/ Martha Stewart wannabe. I haven’t baked anything since home Econs classes which was like eons ago. After eating homemade ones, I’m starting to wonder why anyone would even buy the store bought variety. If even a noob like me can churn out decent cookies by hand, It can’t be that hard for other people either.

I’ve also tried pancakes again with a little more success than the goopy mess I made the last time in Ithaca. It definitely still needs some work. And yes, I’m turning into some kind of cooking fanatic – NOT! I do want to be competent enough whip up some easy stuff when I need to. Cooking is a good life skill to have.


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