Calvin and the Mumminator

Another weekend and another great cook-out. The new dish of the week is chicken and sausage gumbo and chicken pot pie. I’ll probably do a batch of cookie tonight also. I have to admit I’m addicted to freshly baked cookies. The taste after it has cooled just isn’t quite the same. We don’t own a weighing machine yet but I’m sure the pounds are surely creeping back since we are eating so heartily here. It’s amazing though how much vegetables cost here. I mean $3 for a stalk of cauliflower? I’m certainly spoiled by the cheap and wide variety of vegetables we can get in Singapore. I’m just not a big fan of peppers, kale, collard greens or whatever those purple salad leaves are. The kitchen itself is also expensive to stock especially when it comes to spices and other baking items like vanilla extract etc. And I didn’t even acquire those fancy schmancy gadgets like a food processor, blender, juicer, griddle, mixer etc. I sure feel poor at the moment esp since we are waiting on his first stipend cheque.

Calvin is certainly thriving under all the attention we are giving him daily. His language development in particular is amazing. He’s now putting together short phrases/ sentence like ‘Baby fall down’, ‘Car car come here’, ‘Uh-oh, train fell down’. And he has a good grasp of concepts like ‘man’ vs ‘woman’, ‘up’ and ‘down’, ‘open’ and ‘close’. He’s also learning to spout multi-syllabic words like ‘bicycle’ and ‘executor —he meant excavator’

It’s a real joy to play with him but it’s also tiring at the same time. The house is a lot safer than our place in Singapore even though it still has the ever treacherous stairs but there are not many things he can endanger himself with otherwise. There’s lots of space indoors for him to rampage around as well. All in all, we are quite pleased with this apartment despite the sparse furnishings we currently have i.e. 2 mattresses, 2 square tables, 2 computer chairs, 1 dining table w 4 chairs and 1 small shelf. Not the prettiest of houses but it’s starting to feel like home.

He’s also starting to transition to 1 nap during the day but this means that he gets extra cranky during his normal nap time. Unless of course we bring him out for a walk etc. I’m surely getting a good workout here with the slopes and daily walks. In fact, with all that load bearing should make me immune to osteoporosis forever! Anyway, time to prepare the food I’ve cooked for freezing and give Johnny a break to play basketball.


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