Calvin Speaks @ 21.5 months

Calvin has been learning so many new words so quickly I’m starting to lose track of them. So here is my attempt to count how many words he actually knows by category instead. Current count: 287

Dog, Cat, Bird, Squirrel, Camel, Penguin, Bear, Flamingo, Lion, Giraffe
Pig, Horse, Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Panda, Crocodile, Turtle, Fish, Tiger
Butterfly, bug, rabbit, neigh, moo, meow, woof, bee, baa, roar
hippo, rhino, monkey, Lamb, hyena, animals, frog, snail, hedgehog, parrot
Spider, dinosaur, owl, elephant

Grape, tomato, chicken, melon, bread, biscuit, apple, orange, rice, banana
Cucumber, bean, nuts, cheese, raisin, cornflakes, papaya, bread, egg, peach
Broccoli, cauliflower, cookie

Things around the house
Bowl, plate, cup, chair, table, floor, door, bathroom, sink, potty
Stairs, spoon, fork, bag, ball, blocks, wagon, tower, book, tunnel
Box, tub, glasses, Clock, bell, bubble, bell, key, Door, bottle,
Phone, puzzle, pieces, umbrella, night night, brush, comb, gate, lamp, light,
fridge, TV, wall, cap, naizhui, shovel, pail, knife, vacuum, kettle
Bone, toothpaste, stroller, pen,

Button, shoes, shirt, pants, socks, hat

Car, fire engine, bicycle, truck, excavator, ambulance, bike, helicopter, boat, jeep
Plane, rocket, train, bulldozer, bus, tractor, wheel, police car,

Outside the house
Tree, grass, sky, cloud, sun, moon, star, leaf, wire, tracks
flower, houses, rain, shadow, playground, slide, swing,

Action words/ adjective
Eat, drink, poke, walk, hide, stop, go, open, close, come here,
come out, inside, up, down, sleep, throw, hug, kiss, make, there
Wash, cooking, dump, read, pop, kick, push, clap, hello, bye bye
Puff puff, cough, shake, hot, cold, collapse, fall down, uh oh
Wet, pee pee, stuck, no, more, drive, dance, stop, go, wait
Bump, forward, backward, big, small, tall, sorry, crawl, bounce, kick
Stomp, pull, peel, chase, careful, hug, where, are you, Stack, burp,
Fart, again, press, turn, draw, all aboard, pour, scoop, empty, dig
Scoot, heavy, whistle, hiccup, many

Silver, blue, green, purple, yellow

Body parts
Eyes, eyebrow, head, hair, ear, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, arm
Hand, leg, feet, toes, tummy, finger, kuku, chin, cheek,

Baby, mama, papa, man, woman, girl, boy, nai nai, farmer, people

Circle, square, diamond, triangle, heart,


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