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October 18, 2011

And our little boy has begun running. The thing is he not only likes to run, he insists on us running with him. “mama run” and then “papa, run” says the little dictator. The same goes for spinning until he is dizzy and dancing (aka disturbing our basement neighbors by stomping all over).

Johnny has been settling into his new routine of being a grad student, putting in more hours on work and shifting away from the more passive laid-back style he’s enjoyed as a research fellow for the last 2 years. That means I’ve also been spending more time taking care of the little tike. Seems like little Calvin is getting more attached to me recently, he’s a little more cling than before — calling for me before sleeping (for his bottle of milk most likely) or looking for me even when spending time with his papa. It’s kinda sweet really.

I’ve also been venturing into cooking different things like roasted chicken (hmm crispy roasted chicken skin is great!), baked European style pancakes, banana cookies, chocolate chip cookies, baked crispy tuna, roasted pumpkin, baked Cajun fries etc. I’ll try some apple pie later this week when I have the time. After reading all the labels and discovering high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oil in almost everything, I’ve become more motivated to cook from scratch, not just the main meals but also some snacks and desserts. Of course, the cost savings however minute is a welcomed bonus. I’ve been clipping coupons to try and cut down our food prices but most are indeed for processed food which we don’t eat much of. I did manage to score a lot of cheap toiletries though, like razors and shampoo etc, but even then I can’t stop the niggling feeling that I should be using organic ones instead.

Will post a picture of the cutie running when Johnny comes back with the laptop. Oh, how he has grown. I managed to cut his hair yesterday while he was distracted watching chuggington on my iPad. Even while watching his fav videos, he could not stop wriggling around when I clipped his hair. He is one tough customer indeed. I didn’t do too shabby a job all things considering. Not a very stylish haircut but functional at least.



October 5, 2011

Calvin stands at the bathtub waiting for his bath (or rather bath toys). He was holding a long piece of cardboard from the packaging of the wooden chairs we bought for him. We were preparing his clothes etc in another room. As we walk in, he proclaimed ‘ta dah’ while brandishing his little sword/ club, holding it up high before lowering it again to repeat another ‘tadah’ for us in case we missed the first one. Oh my adorable Calvin. =)

P.s. After 2 months J’s books finally arrive from Singapore. OMG. We are still waiting for one more bag.

Soul searching

October 3, 2011

I’m so busy playing the domestic mama role these days that I sometimes wonder if I truly get any fulfillment out of what I do. It’s not that I begrudge what I have to do. In fact, I’m very happy yo be participating in calvin’s growth actively. He is very happy and healthy and is growing rapidly, more so than at daycare I suspect (That kinda makes me feel guilty for wanting to put him in a 3 day per week nursery next year). I also enjoy feeding both him and J yummy food that they both seem to enjoy even though it can be tiring sometimes to think of what to eat everyday. (didn’t help that the microwave went kaput so I have more trouble warming up leftovers) I’m generally happy though it can get really tiring when J doesn’t have time to help take the little rascal off my hands.

I guess the thing that really troubles me is the lack of intellectual stimulation. Not that there was much of it before we started this whole PhD journey, but this doesn’t seem like the ideal end state for me. I guess I’m contemplating taking another degree/ masters or something when this is over. Oh well, we’ll see how things go from here. Meanwhile, I’m starting to read a lot more than before since Calvin will grab my iPad demanding to watch his videos, so this iPad has become some illicit device that is hidden from view except at designated viewing periods. Sigh….. Oh well, at least some good come out of it. I did tell you that my eyesight improved vastly after childbirth? Who would have thunk that would be one of the benefits of having a kid?

Calvin is great as usual though he can be quite the tyrant at home, ordering us around to get this, get that, read the same book over and over, command us to bring him for a walk etc. He has his share of little tantrums but none as bad as I had feared. Maybe it’s because his linguistic prowess allows him to communicate sufficiently with us which lessens his frustration? I’ve head that the terrible twos usually start around 18-24 months so I’m hoping that it’s already over rather than this being the tip of the iceberg. I don’t have that many pictures of him nowadays unfortunately because he seems to think the camera is another video viewing device where he can see himself playing… So most of the pictures are fuzzy and the videos are of him rushing over demanding to see ‘baby baby’