Calvin stands at the bathtub waiting for his bath (or rather bath toys). He was holding a long piece of cardboard from the packaging of the wooden chairs we bought for him. We were preparing his clothes etc in another room. As we walk in, he proclaimed ‘ta dah’ while brandishing his little sword/ club, holding it up high before lowering it again to repeat another ‘tadah’ for us in case we missed the first one. Oh my adorable Calvin. =)

P.s. After 2 months J’s books finally arrive from Singapore. OMG. We are still waiting for one more bag.


2 Responses to “Tadah”

  1. e* Says:

    can’t seem to view the video. i’ve downloaded some strange programme, but still can’t see it. *tears*

    • miucat Says:

      hey dearie, there isn’t a video link >.< at least there shouldn't be unless the silly app added funny code to my post.

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