And our little boy has begun running. The thing is he not only likes to run, he insists on us running with him. “mama run” and then “papa, run” says the little dictator. The same goes for spinning until he is dizzy and dancing (aka disturbing our basement neighbors by stomping all over).

Johnny has been settling into his new routine of being a grad student, putting in more hours on work and shifting away from the more passive laid-back style he’s enjoyed as a research fellow for the last 2 years. That means I’ve also been spending more time taking care of the little tike. Seems like little Calvin is getting more attached to me recently, he’s a little more cling than before — calling for me before sleeping (for his bottle of milk most likely) or looking for me even when spending time with his papa. It’s kinda sweet really.

I’ve also been venturing into cooking different things like roasted chicken (hmm crispy roasted chicken skin is great!), baked European style pancakes, banana cookies, chocolate chip cookies, baked crispy tuna, roasted pumpkin, baked Cajun fries etc. I’ll try some apple pie later this week when I have the time. After reading all the labels and discovering high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oil in almost everything, I’ve become more motivated to cook from scratch, not just the main meals but also some snacks and desserts. Of course, the cost savings however minute is a welcomed bonus. I’ve been clipping coupons to try and cut down our food prices but most are indeed for processed food which we don’t eat much of. I did manage to score a lot of cheap toiletries though, like razors and shampoo etc, but even then I can’t stop the niggling feeling that I should be using organic ones instead.

Will post a picture of the cutie running when Johnny comes back with the laptop. Oh, how he has grown. I managed to cut his hair yesterday while he was distracted watching chuggington on my iPad. Even while watching his fav videos, he could not stop wriggling around when I clipped his hair. He is one tough customer indeed. I didn’t do too shabby a job all things considering. Not a very stylish haircut but functional at least.


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