Calvin turned two

We can’t believe how fast 2 years went by. We didn’t really have a big birthday bash. It was just the three of us, a small apple swirl cake made by yours truly and a very happy boy who suddenly received a new box of fire engine toy because it’s his birthday. I highly doubt he knew what was going on at all. His papa’s been busy with a class project the past week ( and is still working hard on it as I type) so he hasn’t had as much time with papa as he would have liked. The weather is mercifully good though so I’ve been able to bring him out for walks.

He’s just such a cute little fellow that I find it hard to deny him, though sometimes we must, for his own sake. I would hate it if our indulgences turns him int a spoiled brat. But he’s such a good little trooper most of the time like when we were at a store and he saw an RC car, he started to put it into my cart. When I took it out and gently reminded him that mama needs to finish his shopping, I was surprised that he willingly left the items behind.

He is such a ‘TV’ addict though. Everyday, he will clamor to watch his videos on my iPad. His favorites are Chuggington and word world – not that we have much else for him to watch. Every day after he finishes his allotted half hour to one hour viewing, he never fails to cry/ whine/ tantrum about it. He’s even started singing the Chuggington theme song while playing with his trains; pretending that an empty toothpaste box is Action Chugger and making us sing the action chugger song for him; reenacting his favorite scene where Harrison, a blue train is stuck in the snow and Coco plus a lot of other trains pulls him out.

He still reads a lot everyday. By that I mean he gets read to. ‘more books’, says the little emperor. He loves our visits to the library, though it makes me feel rather guilty when he’s looking for a book we’ve borrowed before and I have to tell him that they are at the library.

He’s also taken to sleeping in either of our arms. It’s rather endearing but it does get tiring when you really want to get something done but he keeps waking up wanting to be held… But I guess even this phase won’t last so might as well enjoy it while it lasts.


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