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Back on the Run

December 25, 2011

I’ll start by saying that I used to hate running. All those times we had to attend Physical Ed and run laps were seriously painful. I’ve always thought the last thing i’d ever do is run. So I surprise even myself by taking up running after more than 10 years of avoiding it. Of course the little belly I’m starting to grow is a big motivation to get myself going. Seriously, now that I’m in charge of all the cooking, I can’t help but make food that I like and end up eating a good portion more than I should. All those desserts I’ve been learning to make certainly isn’t helping. Being in the big 3 doesn’t help as well. The cold weather is encouraging my body to send me the ‘eat, eat, eat’ signals as well.

So with the odds against me, I decided that I desperately need to exercise. The first time I ran, the cold air was a nice fresh change to the heat and dampness i was accustomed to. It was still a tough start but I managed about 10 mins with minimal walking. It seems like I was so bothered by the hot sweaty feeling when I ran in singapore that I feel tired much faster then. And so here I am, on my second week of running around the campus every alternate day. I’m feeling rather proud of myself for keeping up with it. I can feel my stamina building up already. Hopefully, with a more deliberate portion control, I’ll keep the dreaded fatty tissues from accumulating. At any rate, the running will definitely be good for my overall health.

Words to Melt a Mummy’s Heart (2)

December 15, 2011

I was reading a book while Calvin plays with his papa. Suddenly, Calvin clambers over his papa to reach me, then proceeded to snuggle in my lap and said ‘Love you, mama”. Awwww, I’ll forgive all those late night kicks, accidental punches and that hard slam of the bathroom door on my ear.

The Domestic Life

December 2, 2011

I baked yet another cake today. This time for Johnny’s birthday. The cake looks much better than the first creation which was undercooked the first round and I had to keep putting it back in the oven, take it out, do a ‘chopstick’ test ( instead of a toothpick test) the cake is supposed to be done when the toothpick/ chopstick comes out clean, with no dough clinging on to it. I repeated it so many times I gave up in the end and went to bed. That cake turned out ok in the end, ugly but delectable. We’ll have to see how this one fares tomorrow. I didn’t bother with the icing or decoration since I personally dislike the creamy stuff on cakes anyway. So it’s a boring brown cake. Given that we normally don’t even celebrate our birthdays proper, this is already a step up.

It feels so strange though to be back in the US, living essentially campus life again but everything is so different now. For starters, I’m not even a student. I’m just another one of those wives who followed their phd- pursuing husbands here and taking care of the little one. I cook almost all the time now vs having takeouts/ boxed dinners last time. Sometimes when I see the young uni students on the bus, I feel so strange that I was once like that – youthful, naive and full of unfocused ideals.