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January 6, 2012

An era of willfulness has begun with our little guy. He has this strange stubbornness about doing things his way. Strange not because he is stubborn but more in terms of the things he is insistent about. Like the other day when he went downstairs with his dad after his nap and I lie down in bed for a while before going down. When he saw me, he insisted that I should go back upstairs and rest in bed. When I refused, that’s when the kicking and whining started.

This evening it was about wanting his dad to carry him up while he tries to crawl into the dryer. And after that wanting to go to ‘sleep’ at 5:30pm. (Fat chance!) and again, when he wanted to toss his ‘nice pillow in kitchen’.

Aww, our little guy is growing up so quickly. He’s also awfully cute and sweet. Now he can sit down and pay with his magnetic trains for half an hour all by himself; brought me his blue bus and said it was ‘meat and rice’ and fed me ‘yummies’; ditto with cupcake and pizza; the sheer delight when I built a “sand” castle of blocks around him the very first time.


January 4, 2012

And so 2012 begins. I didn’t have any resolutions last year, nor the 10 years before that. I figured it was pretty pointless to have resolutions that I don’t work on fulfilling. Why set myself up for failure? I guess for someone who’s a total planner type, I don’t have life goals that stretch further than a few months. Then again, perhaps it is under the influence of J that I’m more laid back than before.

Thinking back on 2011, many things happened. I went back to work after more than 1 years haitus to be a full time mother. 7 months later, our family moved here to the US and start out little adventure together. I discovered that I’m a better chef than I gave myself credit for; that I’m growing to be like my mother; that I actually enjoy life as a stay at home mom; that I can enjoy running (in small doses).

2012 will be much of the same I think. We’ll watch our little boy grow and marvel at the joy he brings to our lives.