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Calvin Talks and Talks and Talks

February 26, 2012

Calvin is a total chatterbox now. He’s speaking in nice, complete sentences like ‘Oh no, my truck is stuck. Mechanic come and fix it’ or (throws something on the floor) ‘I dropped it’. The other day, his dad brought him to the playground during one of those uncharacteristically warm days and he met two other kids around 2 years old. And not surprisingly, we find that he is lagging behind in physical capabilities (one of the two kids can climb up a rung ladder all by himself and he’s just 21 mths); whereas his linguistic abilities far surpasses the rest. I guess kids really do develop at different rates but I’d still rather have a nerdy talker than a grunting barbarian 😛 Him being able to talk and understand what we say makes many many things a lot easier. And I seriously don’t want to imagine the destruction he will wrought when he’s even more of a monkey than he is now.


His love of books continues and we are constantly rotating our stock of library books. He would read the same book over and over for about 3 to 4 days and then refuse to touch them again for the next 2 weeks. So even with almost 50 library books, plus 20 to 30 of our own, there are days when I can’t find something that he wants to read at all…

My little nephew is now over 1 month old and it looks like he is giving my mum and sis a tough time. I think back on the times when we were going through the same stage and I wonder how we managed to survive, especially the lack of sleep. We had some small discussion about whether we should try for a second child but just the thought of those early days is enough to deter us. Plus, it’s true that siblings don’t necessarily have a good time with each other. I guess him being premature was also a blessing because I love and appreciate little Calvin a lot more. Just thinking about the tiny little, skinny samurai, lying in the hospital bed and how fragile he looked and was. I’m grateful that he is healthy, happy and growing. When I worry about silly little things like how he still doesn’t want to (and can’t) draw with a crayon, anything more than a diagonal slash, I tell myself that it will all be okay in the long run as long as he is healthy, so there’s no need for me to get into big unhappy struggles to force him to do something he doesn’t want to.

On the bright side of things, he’s now able to use both a fork and a spoon to eat his fruits. we are mess-phobic so he’s never even tried to eat his meals by himself before. I just don’t even want to imagine him eating rice with a spoon.

Toilet training and getting him to let me brush his teeth are both big long term projects that are at the stage called Complete Failure or rather Not Even Started. *sigh* It’s a long road.