Things about Calvin to Remember

11 Mar 12: Giggles and Tickles

Little Calvin is such a joy to be with, even though taking care of him takes up a lot of our couple time. Since he is learning how to use language, there are a lot of funny phrases that he picks up and often misuses. For example, he loved one of these truck books about contraction vehicles. It talks about how dump trucks ‘dump, dump, dump’, diggers ‘dig dig dig’, bulldozer ‘push push push’. So today, he told me that motorcycle ‘cyc, cyc, cyc’ or ‘mot, mot, mot’. I have to give it to him for creative extrapolation of the way language works.

There are other funny things that he’s picked up as well from various books or videos that I would love to remember in the future. Such as:
Calvin runs out of the tunnel shouting ‘Out into the sunshine’

Instead of singing ‘M, M, M, it’s the letter M’, he tells me ‘Ahm, ahm, ahm, it’s the letter ahm’ during mealtimes.

I love the way he tells me ‘I’m garbage truck/ bear/ train’ and proceeds to tell me I’m the same;
the way he calls the semi circle foam blocks ‘rock a bye boat’ (because they rock from side to side);

doing the ‘jiggly wiggly victory dance’ (that Mr Mcgreely does in the Muncha Muncha book);

When we tell him it’s time to sleep sleep, he goes ‘sleep sleep with blue naizhui (pacifier), pillow blanket and… blue naizhui!;

He sits on his soft toys – goober bear and baby cow, and claims that he is riding on motorcycle;

When his papa comes to bed at night, he scurries from my side int his arms like a little bug and tells him ‘Papa, hug’;

Or how he (sometimes) remembers to say ‘mama, pour puff puffs PLS’. Then this morning at 5 am, when he told me ‘Mama, get the miiilk’ and I ignored him. He said ‘Milk, PLS’. It was so cute that I couldn’t help but oblige and haul my sleepy self downstairs for it;

Or when he threw a tantrum and refused to eat his lunch and finally got placated by a piece of broccoli and the sight of his current favorite meat – pork. He sat down in my lap and said, with his mouth full, ‘not crying any more. Boy is happy’

With so many blogging parents and the widespread use of digital cameras and the accompanying flood of baby pictures/ photos, I wonder what the children will think of such relics of their past. Especially for boys, will they feel embarrassed by all the silly things they’ve done? It’s kinda like bring reminded of the time when you wet your bed or something like that. maybe it would be stuff they think is best forgotten. I was contemplating putting together a booklet made up of pictures and the blog posts I’ve made and maybe giving it to him when he has children of his own.


One Response to “Things about Calvin to Remember”

  1. e* Says:

    “I was contemplating putting together a booklet made up of pictures and the blog posts I’ve made and maybe giving it to him when he has children of his own.”

    >>> i think that’s a good idea! i always thought this blog was a genius idea… although he might cringe about some stuff, just because, at a certain age, kids probably cringe at anything about their parents anyway 😉

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