Summer has begun

Things have finally calmed down now that Johnny has finished his term. Ever since daylight savings started, the little one has been sleeping later at 10pm instead of 9 so we get less night hours to do our own stuff. At least he now rarely wakes me up before 7am. Somehow I feel a bit more harried because I used to do a lot of relaxed cooking at night previously. When I cook during the day, I can’t just sit and read on my iPad during the little breaks in between waiting for the food to cook. And the notty lithe guy is always impatient for his food.

Yes, I’m still keeping up with my daily cooking. We eat out about twice a month on average. But I get bored with my own cooking…. I can only get excited about cooking when I’m trying out new things. I actually made radish cake the other day (Luo Bo Gao). The texture is right but the flavor still needs some work =_= sometimes I feel kinda amazed that I’m doing all this cooking stuff when I was barely cooking anything before we came. During our uni days, I only knew a few dishes and most of the time we just eat out. And we were definitely easier to please in those days. We still can’t help but laugh at our regular meals of rice with sausages and canned mushrooms when we were living in the dorm. And the many many unhealthy TV dinners we ate…. I don’t even want to touch those any more.

And my little Calvin is now so boyish, with a mischievous smile and increasing willfulness. His command of english and vocabulary is improving speedily. He’s now talking in complete and sometimes complex sentences. He knows words like ‘remember’, and even some 4 syllable word that I can’t recall now. One of his favorite things to do is to deliberately mispronounce words and make us correct him. Eg, in this book, it talks about a truck ‘crossing every state’ and every time, he will grin and say ‘crossing every steak’ until we tell him that it’s not ‘steak’, but ‘state’. He seems to have his own little private jokes too… For some reason, he keeps giggling when we read a line about the sound of ‘papa’s boots falling down…thump’.

14 Apr 2012: Super Cheeky Kungfu Kick

He’s been very good in playing by himself as well. We recently got him a little garage with ramps for his little cars and the little guy spends at least half hour periods doing his own pretend play scenarios with it eg like how the tow truck is looking for his friends, or they all go into the garage and sleep etc. seeing how happy he is, I can’t help but want to buy more toys for him, even though the house is filled with his stuff as it is. I am a softie after all….

This coming Sep, he will be attending a co-op daycare and I can’t help but worry if he will fit in well and if he will make friends. Especially since his motor skills are somewhat lacking and he is still a shy boy around strangers.

For now, we will just be enjoying our first summer here. We recently bought a car so at least it will be easier to get around.


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