Going home and other stuff

I was looking through my old posts of Calvin and I was thinking of how I miss the pictures of him so I’ll probably going to slowly go back and add pictures to all those posts that I made using my iPad. I kinda miss having my own PC but given the amount of personal time I actually have, it’s quite a waste of money at the moment. Things may change when he really starts school in earnest, so we’ll see how it goes.

We are eagerly awaiting the Diablo 3 delivery to arrive so that we can play with it. It’s been a while since we’ve found a game that excites us so I hope it lives up to its expectations.

It also looks like we will be going back to Singapore for a while this summer. We weren’t planning to but they wouldn’t defer my Singapore citizenship registration any further so we thought might as well get it over and done with. So it’ll a bit of last minute scramble to get tickets etc and think of how we are going to handle the little rascal on the super long flight.

Back to the little Calvin, our little trooper has been surprisingly good with the car seat. After spending most of his life so far sitting in my lap in car/ bus rides, we actually managed to cajole into the car seat quite easily. All it took were the two handy dandy hand puppets (one blue one called ‘cookie monster’ and the other one simply ‘girl’), some encouraging words, his trains in the cup holder and a yummy snack after that. Of course it also helped that we made the seat forward facing instead of rear facing. We really thought we’d have a big tantrum/ whining/ kicking/ fussing in our hands, but once again he surprises us at how easy going he can be. I guess I am getting much better at calming him down. Yesterday, when we went out for a short grocery trip, he refused to get in the car and leave so I just bundled him up, strapped him into his car seat with him kicking and straining and telling us to ‘break it (the seatbelt) in half’. I don’t even remember what I did but somehow he managed to calm down quickly.

It’s funny when I thought of how bad i was at comforting anyone in the past. I think I do a lot of what J does not, which is to try and help explain/ rationalize instead of listening and understanding. Somehow it took being a mother to really help me learn. I guess being able to defuse tantrums and meltdowns is a pretty big incentive. All those parenting books I read really did come in handy after all.


14 May 2012: Lining up his blocks


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