I’m reading this book called Quiet, the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking. I’ve always found it strange that I had some extrovert traits especially when I was young and somehow become more and more introverted. And I would feel bad that I’m not as social as other people are. I would rather be at home reading a book and playing a game than to go out for a dinner engagement. I remember the times when I went for my primary school class gatherings and I just didn’t feel like I belong at all. I would sit in a corner and wonder why I was there. The strange thing is i was rather gregarious when I was young. I liked performing in front of an audience; I wanted to go to school and make friends etc.

Regardless, it seems I’ve become firmly in the introvert camp now. In retrospect, perhaps that why me and Johnny hit it off well. It was the resonance of two introverts who are able to enjoy long silent walks together.

It’s no surprise that Calvin seems to be exhibiting classic introvert behavior as well. He prefers to watch other children play than join in the fray immediately; he takes a while to warm up to new toys. But today, when we went to the new family picnic, he surprised us by enjoying himself a lot running around near the order children. He didn’t exactly play together with them, but at this age, parallel play is normal anyway. He had a really great time running around going ‘neenaw’ and even ventured around by himself boldly. Even though he’s still not confident about climbing and sliding and other physical playground activities, he can enjoy himself without clinging on to us, which is what he usually does. It’s funny but that really made me feel very glad and happy coz I was worried about how he will cope with being in school. At the end of the day, no matter his temperament, I just want him to be happy and will try my best to support him in what he wants to do. That is except when he throws a tantrum about random silly things…

One Response to “Introvert(s)”

  1. e* Says:

    i can’t decide which camp i’m in… sometimes i’m quiet when i don’t feel i have anything to contribute to the topic, or in larger groups or in groups i don’t feel comfortable in. but, as you know, sometimes i can be super chatty.

    i wonder if “introvert” vs. “extrovert” is just a label for how we prefer to interact with people and build relationships… whether one likes mass interaction or more intimate interactions…

    anyway, it seems life is easier for extroverts… or those who are more voluble, whether their words have substance or are merely so much hot air. i hope Quiet had a message of hope for introverts!!

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