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Greatest Hits of Singapore

June 28, 2012

So in the end we came back to Singapore to finish the citizen registration formalities and now I’m officially a Singaporean and the US visa will be just in time for our flight back as well. Fr this one month that we’ve been back, (less the one week jet lag that Calvin experienced and we suffered through + few days when he was down with the cold) we’ve tried to bring Calvin to the various attractions in Singapore.

The Hits
1. Beach at East Coast Park
To our surprise, he doesn’t mind the sand in his shoes and hands all that much because he was enjoying himself playing with his sand toys. He loves to have his construction vehicles and shovel to dig around in the sand. He walked in the sand a bit, declaring the cool wet sand to be ‘the nice’ sand and even standing in the waves for a short while.

2. Swimming pool
He had the brightest smile when he went into the kiddy pool, which only reaches his abdomen. In the sweltering heat, swimming is always a fun thing to do.

3. Fire Station Open House
saw a big fire engine and sat in the driver’s seat and even got a plastic fireman hat to bring home. Enough said.

4. Cousin’s House
They had a whole big box of toy cars. In fact the whole living room was filled with all sorts of toys. Calvin managed to play by himself alongside his cousins while we eat.

5. Changi airport

1. Toys r us
The shops were cramped and all the toys are packed up so he didn’t really like the atmosphere. And the toy prices here are simply exorbitant.

2. kinokuniya Book Store

3. Singapore zoo
It was hot and there weren’t many animals. The ride there was long…… Sadly not a hit at all.

Story telling

June 23, 2012

Calvin has come to an age where he can recount what he did in great detail and tell us a nice story about it. This morning we walked out to get some food. It was hot so I brought an umbrella for our little royalty. He wanted to bring his vehicles out too.

Then this evening this is what he said: remember papa carried Calvin and both under the umbrella to cover the sun. We play with dump truck and digger on the road. Then we went to the restaurant and sit on different colored chairs.

I guess I won’t have any worries about his English proficiency. Now I’ll just have to figure out how in the world I’m going to teach him Chinese.

Playing with him gets more and more enjoyable as he enjoy pretend play in various scenarios. Like making a cushion house, or a pit for him to sit in. Most of it still involve his vehicles though… He surely is a boyish boy. His car/ truck/ any other vehicle collection is growing at an alarming rate…