Story telling

Calvin has come to an age where he can recount what he did in great detail and tell us a nice story about it. This morning we walked out to get some food. It was hot so I brought an umbrella for our little royalty. He wanted to bring his vehicles out too.

Then this evening this is what he said: remember papa carried Calvin and both under the umbrella to cover the sun. We play with dump truck and digger on the road. Then we went to the restaurant and sit on different colored chairs.

I guess I won’t have any worries about his English proficiency. Now I’ll just have to figure out how in the world I’m going to teach him Chinese.

Playing with him gets more and more enjoyable as he enjoy pretend play in various scenarios. Like making a cushion house, or a pit for him to sit in. Most of it still involve his vehicles though… He surely is a boyish boy. His car/ truck/ any other vehicle collection is growing at an alarming rate…


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