And back again

We’re now back in C’ville for 2 weeks now. The trip back as pretty terrible, what with a little someone not sleeping well and didn’t want to get off his papa. We had to strap him into his own seat for take offs and landings and someone really hates small spaces and the long waits to get off/ on/ through the security checks. We landed in washington to a heat wave that almost broke the x-year record so we didn’t manage to visit the museum or zoo as we planned. At least we had a great stay at the hotel and we manage to escape the heat by hiding in the room or going to the pool.

The train ride back was delayed and the little guy who should be excited about the ride just fell asleep and wanted to be home. We managed to lug all our luggage up the trolley with him and finally we were home! The first week was pretty much a heat wave week so that was tough since we don’t have AC right now.

And finally everything is back to normal, sort of. He’s changed so much since we left though. He’s running a lot better, he talks very well now in complete sentences, he can ask us nicely for things without screaming/ shouting, he’s starting to show interest in drawing and scribbling. We went to a play group the other day and he seemed happy to be around other children. Now we just have to get through all the paperwork for his enrollment…urgh… And the thought of the co-op work I have to do isn’t something I look forward to at all. But I guess if he’s happy I’m fine with that…

I feel fortunate that we are able to spend lots of time with him, even though I’m doing a lot of domestic things unimaginable to me before we came here. All that hippy stuff like baking my own while wheat bread, whole wheat oatmeal cookies, brownies and cooking all sorts of food by scratch…I’m surprisingly contented with it.


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