First day of school

Last Thursday I brought him to his preschool for his orientation. He took to the activities happily: it was the first time he saw an easel and paints but he stood there and painted 4 sheets of paper happily; tried out the drill and hammer; played with the pretend toaster, splashed at the water table; played with the stamps and play dough. The social interaction part isn’t exactly forthcoming though. He’s just trying his best to avoid interacting while enjoying all the new toys. Like during playground time, he keep trying to grab all the big vehicles and got really upset that someone else was playing with the black car that he wanted. He started to cry to me until I redirected him to shovel sand into the dump truck. I’m more surprised that we managed to get through the day without me having to carry him. He was pretty pooped at the end of the day though and we unfortunately end up with story time which he doesn’t enjoy very much. He kept saying ‘I want to escape’. So far, I think the routine is bewildering for him. He has this glazed look that says ‘I don’t see why I need to stop what I’m doing’. I think I’ll stay with him for another 1 or 2 days so that he at least knows the routine. The good thing about this whole co-op thing is that I can actually stay with him to help with the transition. It’s kinda tiring though to be following him around for 3 whole hours….

I guess he’s definitely an introvert and I’m kinda worried about whether he’ll make friends. Seeing the extroverts in his class fitting just dandy makes me worried about him. But I guess those children have actually been to preschool before and they are also mostly 1/2 year to 1 year older than him. In fact, if we go by his original due date in January, he won’t even be able to make it into the school yet.

On another note, he has been very cheeky like making a fake hahaha laugh when he saw someone drop her lettuce at the supermarket, and he enjoys catching our mistakes when we read and correcting us. For example, Johnny was very sleep when he read ‘smelly shoes’ in one of the books and called them ‘sneaky shoes’ (it actually says stinky sneakers) and Calvin would say ‘not sneaky shoes, smelly shoes‘ and whenever we read that part, he’ll now make us say the wrong words so he can correct us.

He also likes to get into character and pretend to be one of the cartoon characters. One night, he pretended to be Joey the kangaroo and Johnny was papa kangaroo. He’ll say ‘papa, what are you doing?’ and when J replied ‘yeah, I’m here’, he’ll say ‘Not papa, it’s papa kangaroo’


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