The Toy Begzor

Today, we though we’d bring him to Washington Park to play with his ball because he mentioned doing it earlier in the day. When we got there, there were some people having a barbeque and their kids were running amok at the playground. Somehow he was intimidated by them and refused to come down to play so we ended up going to the SPCA rummage store that was nearby. Calvin’s eyes lit up immediately when he saw a toy car in the shelf above. He wanted to hold it and started to say that he wants to bring it home, much to our dismay.

J: “Let’s look for another one. This one’s not very nice”.

Calvin: “I think it’s nice. I think it’s the best”

Then I saw another one by Little Tikes that looked like an ambulance with a wagon.

Calvin: “Let’s bring two cars home”

We finally made him choose only one of them and put the purple car back. But this car was rather kiddy and didn’t do much either so I wasn’t exactly keen to get it. So I rummaged through the lot again and Voila! found a tractor. Calvin has been into being a tractor recently and plowing the field, planting the seeds etc. The tractor makes sounds and when we took it out later, found that it had a torchlight at the front too. So a very happy boy carried his tractor around and was going to bring it to the cashier himself to pay for it immediately, except we made him wait while I look around the rest of the store. He asked for the toy so nicely that we couldn’t help but buy him yet another vehicle. Looks like we might have to avoid toy stores in the future. But he’s surprisingly good when we go to CVS and he play with the cars there though. He will even help to clean them up when we tell him it’s time to go.



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