Driving lessons

While Calvin is in school, j has been trying to teach me how to drive. So far, we’ve had three “lessons”. It’s not as bad as I thought. The first time we tried, I was so nervous that the car started drifting to the right when I was looking away. But at least I’ve learnt to step on the brakes whenever I don’t feel confident. I have some serious worries that I’ll bang our car up >.<

Now I can make left/ right turns at least in an empty parking lot. It'll still take a long while before I have the confidence to go on the road. It is kinda fun though and much less stresssful than I thought.


One Response to “Driving lessons”

  1. e* Says:

    are you doing manual or automatic?
    i tried manual driving lessons, and it was HORRIBLE. automatic was much easier, but i was still pretty stressed. at least i have my automatic license now. but we don’t own a car, and renting automatic cars is WAY more expensive than manual 😦

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