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Warm Little Hands

November 24, 2012

Tonight, as I was putting Calvin back to sleep when he woke up, I suddenly remembered the time when he was just a couple of months old. We used to do all sorts of things to get him to fall asleep – carry him for long periods until he is in deep sleep, pat him, jiggle etc etc. He’s a light sleeper like me so getting him to sleep well was quite difficult. One of the things we did was to put him down when he was all drowsy then lay be hand on his chest. I remember one night, he started to put his hand on mind. It was really warm and very small and soft. Even now, when I hold his little hands, I marvel at how this little man is mine. It gives me a very nostalgic feeling as well, because I used to hold my moms hands when we go out even when I was a teenager.


Calvin’s Birthday

November 20, 2012

We celebrated his third birthday today. Well, technically it’s not his birthday yet but since they celebrated for him in school, we decided to make it less complicated for him and treated today as his birthday. I had to coop at his school today so by the time I got home, he was already having his nap.

I baked the cake over the weekend, so all I had to do was cut up the strawberries to decorate a strawberry cake like the one in his little bear book. I already made him a party hat with lots of car pictures on it a while back when I wrapped up his presents. In the end, we settled for a dinosaur puzzle that we got on clearance during summer, 3 small hot wheels cars and a police helmet with a visor. Then it was time to blow up the balloons. We got those long twisty balloons since I thought they would be more interesting. I tried to blow it with my mouth but it was practically impossible. Good thing we have a ball pump. And finally I managed to make three balloons – one into a sword, one into a hat and one in the classic dog/ giraffe (the neck was too long…). Just as I finished the giraffe one, the little guy woke up because all that twisting was making the balloon squeak noisily.

We got him downstairs and lighted candles on his cake. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know quite how to blow them out yet. He makes a ‘ffffff fffff’ sound when he’s blowing, so he had some secret help. We thought he would be delighted with the visor but seems like the three little cars were the more popular choice. As I type, he’s hugging his little cars in bed and sleeping soundly.