Feeding himself

I never thought the day when he can feed himself things like rice dishes would come so soon. He’s done really well with a fork for quite a while so he’s been eating his cut fruits like that for a while now but somehow the thought of him with a spoon and the ensuing flying rice/ sauce/food that always appear in kids cartoons just didn’t appeal to me.

It all began this week when he came down with a little cold again. The last time he did, it was right before Christmas and he had to miss the school puppet show. J also caught a terrible flu from him which lingered for a whole week. So we were being extra vigilant about having a separate bowl and spoon for him. Maybe I was too slow to get his food ready. Or maybe because it was a delicious baked pork chop recipe that I’ve just tried and Calvin is a pork-ivore. So Calvin demanded: “Give me the spoon” and that was the beginning of his surprisingly neat self-feeding. We’ll probably buy him a new set of bowls and cup as a reward. And also a new toothbrush.

Over the winter break, I also finally decided to stop his bottle feeding habits. It’s not so uncommon in Asia for kids to drink from a bottle for a long time, but here in the US, it’s seen as bad parenting probably. I personally drank from a bottle till I was 6 years old. I would hide in the room at the back when there are visitors so that I can enjoy it in peace 😀 As for him, he responded much better than I thought he would. One afternoon, I explained to him that he’s a big boy now and he can’t use bottles anymore because only babies drink from a bottle. Then I gave him his milk in a cup and that was that. He’s drinking a lot less of it now though, just one cup before bedtime instead of three per day. In fact, for a while, he wasn’t even drinking the one at night, so much so that my mum was telling me I should just give him his bottle back >_< Well, in the end, we managed to get into a routine of reading him a book while he drinks it. And I’ve been giving him more yogurt and sneaking in cheese in his rice etc to boost his dairy intake.

And he’s been letting me brush his teeth every night and we’re trying to learn to gargle…. trying is the keyword. First, I’ll have to get him to stop swallowing the water before we even try to spit it out.

Teaching him Chinese is another big hurdle too, but the cutest thing is that at night/ before nap, he’ll frequently ask me “Mama, can you teach me more Chinese?” It might just be a delay tactic so that we don’t sleep so soon, but it certainly motivates me to speak to him in Chinese. I think the biggest problem is that I have not spoken in Chinese for like 10+ years. Well at least I can still read manga in Chinese so all is not lost. I’m just not sure how much I’ll be able to teach…… what a headache.


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    […] funny how much can change in one year when you are watching a child. One year ago, Calvin started feeding himself during mealtimes and was learning how to gargle. He also barely knew any chinese whereas I hear him singing a […]

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