Threading Beads

We made some clay beads over the weekend with the play clay recipe I learnt from the library art book. More like he helped me make one bead and was so fascinated with the hole poking that he spent the rest of the time just poking lots and lots of holes in the dough. So I ended up making the rest of it. It took about 2 days to dry properly but it really did feel like clay/ rock when it dried. A couple crumbled when he banged them together but that’s fine. The amazing thing was that when I showed him how to thread it through a shoe lace, he took to it so easily. I was worried that he may not be dexterous enough but seems like he’s okay. 🙂 He even managed to twirl the rock on a shoelace round and round by holding both sides of the shoelace and jiggling it. It’s quite delightful  to teach him new things like when we were experimenting with how a mirror or shiny item reflects light on the wall.

Well, life isn’t without it’s frustrations though. Little Calvin certainly could pay attention to instructions better. He’s still insisting on using the scissors with two hands instead of practicing doing it properly with one hand. He’s also easily frustrated when things don’t go his way. Some days, he’ll go into a contrary mood and be super uncooperative. I guess it doesn’t help when I get tired and cranky myself and my patience is running short. One thing I wish he would do is if he could play by himself when we are busy. Sometimes, I’ll be cooking or even preparing a snack that he asked for and he’ll keep pestering for me to help him with this or that toy or want me to maintain meaningful conversation with him.

Ooo, today I was on a roll and made a lovely orange ricotta cake which is my favorite cake right now. I guess since I can’t work, I’ll at least pick up more culinary skills. Next up, I’ll tackle sushi and see if I can make anything decent >.<


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