(Not so) Daily Musings – I’ll Do It Myself

It’s been a cold day. As I speak, it’s snowing outside. I wonder if it will still be there tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is a school day for him and they have playground time everyday regardless of the weather. I have a feeling he’ll come back with a drippy nose again >.< We didn’t get to go out today even though he was asking for a walk. Yesterday, we actually went out and I was half-frozen within 5 minutes outside. It didn’t help that I forgot to change out into a thicker jacket. Calvin still wanted to go on but I had to force the reluctant and disappointed boy back home especially since he’s still nursing that phlegm-y cough. I hope it doesn’t deteriorate into an infection.

He’s finally showing interest in playing with his building toys. We bought a new set of Tinkertoys for him for Christmas and so far he was only into asking us to make this and that for him. Since he’s in the ‘I-do-it’ mood recently, he’s been dismantling and building the wheels over and over. He calls it tire change, except he says it in his ‘angry’ voice — angry tires? Sometimes he really takes the whole I-do-it-myself thingie to the extreme – like when we help him pick up pieces that fell on the floor, he would throw it back down so he can pick it up again. On the other hand, it can be pretty useful at times like when he’s too distracted by his toys during mealtimes, I would ask him if he wants to feed himself or if I should do it for him. The two times I nagged at him to eat his food, he just told me he was done with dinner, probably so that he could continue playing.Jan 2013 Calvinosaur


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