Ding Dong Bell

So I’ve been teaching him new nursery rhymes as and when I remember them. This one goes like this:

“Ding dong bell, pussy in the well

Who put her in, Little Johnny Green

Who took her out, Little Tommy Stout”

Except…… me being me, I forgot the name of the second boy and called him Johnny instead of Tommy. So Calvin was all tickled that there were two Johnnys (on top of the one Johnny that is his dad)

Then yesterday, his dad sang it to him at night before he slept. Well, he didn’t fare any better, he remembered it as Sally Stout instead of Tommy. And Calvin started to giggle.

“Try again, papa”

So his dad did it two more times before figuring out that it was Johnny Stout that I taught little Calvin. So when he sang “Little Johnny Stout”, Calvin said “You did it, papa. You finally did it”


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