Being sorry

I’m so forgetful sometimes it’s terrible. I had something to write about the other day about Calvin but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it is now. I wonder how much of his cutest moments have I forgotten already. Some of the happiness is so normal and pedestrian but just as precious nonetheless. I watch him growing and I can’t help but feel proud – he can manipulate his tinker toy and trio building blocks very well now and build his own imaginative concoctions of train, car, bus, robot, plane etc; I like the way he talk about drawing his house while he scribble on his drawing paper, drawing oval shapes for windows and then antennas and a conductor??

Oh right, and I’ve finally taught him the proper way to act when he does something wrong. Previously, I’ve always thought he was rather willful when we scolded him for doing wrong things. We can tell that he knows that he’s done wrong but he would try to act normal and continue playing. It finally dawned on me that he just hasn’t learnt what’s the best way to respond yet. The other night, we were playing/ chatting in bed after the lights are out, he playfully bonked me on the head with his pillow and started to giggle. After that he decided to bonk me in the eye with his fist just for kicks and started to giggle again. I got really mad but managed to push down my irritation and asked him,

Me: “Calvin, remember when you bonked your head on the table? That hurt right and you didn’t like it. How do you think mama feels when you bonk me on the eye?”

Calvin: “hurt” ( sounded cowed at this point)

Me: “Can you give me a kiss to make it feel better?”

Calvin: “I’m sorry. ::kiss::”

And then there was one satisfied mama.

Calvin 0213 (37)


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