Runaway stories

Calvin 0213 (46)His great imagination never fails to amuse me.

“Traffic light truck gliding around. Look at all the contrails it made”

Or when he pretended that a white monster was in the house and his papa and him were running away from it. Then they would both hide with mama. I said I would hit it with a wooden spoon and chase it away. To which, Calvin replied that the white monster broke my stick into many pieces. So we ended up all running away from the white monster and we all hid under the table. Using our telescope and binoculars, we spotted the white monster near the big white plastic bag with a smiley face and the monster was throwing the plastic bag around. Mama went and scolded I’m for making a big mess and shooed the monster away. Apparently, the monster ran and hid in the big red car, but he couldn’t drive. So we all went and captured the big white monster. Calvin gave it a hug and made him all nice so he became a friendly monster that lives in Calvin’s toy garage.


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