Oscar Winning Performance

As I told e* previously, Calvin likes to pretend to cry/ be sad and he even practiced his crying in front of the mirror to perfect it.

Today, he went to the park with his dad and they saw two rollerskaters. Calvin started to cry and said with tears streaming and snot flowing “I really wish I had my own roller skates!”.

His papa was surprised. Calvin has never seemed that interested in roller skates… He asked “What’s wrong, Calvin”

And Calvin said “It’s okay, papa. I was just imagining.” and the crying stopped completely.



Today it was his papa’s turn to put him to sleep. I was lying down with them for a while before that. Then Calvin says, “Mama, go, go clean up”. So off I went and just as I close the bedroom door I can already hear him saying “I wish mama was back”, with some really loud fake wailing. Apparently, later he told Johnny to talk to him like mama. So J did his best mama voice. And Calvin said, “I miss the girl papa”. And then poor papa was asked to sing songs like mama does…. Guess it’s one of those days. >_<


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