Braving the storm

Big pile of snow outside Barracks Rd Shopping Center

Big pile of snow outside Barracks Rd Shopping Center

We had a little snowy adventure today. The snow storm started last night and was still coming down hard this morning. I woke up and was trying to turn up the heat, but the heater wasn’t coming on. It was when I tried to turn on the kitchen light that I realizes that we had a power outage. Our heat is gas-powered so I’m not sure why there’s no heat in the first place unless the heating unit is electric-powered somehow? At any rate, I had a fresh orange cake that I baked the night before so our breakfast was ready without having to even open the fridge.

By noon, the snow was still coming down. Our house remained chilly but still bearable with our jackets on. Since we couldn’t cook, Johnny was sent out to see if he could find any food. No luck as the restaurant around our areas were all on emergency power. Johnny came back with soaking wet jacket and shoes. We didn’t want to drive out in the snow especially since our little forgotten road doesn’t get any snow plowing at all so the road was covered in thick snow. So we decided to go with our dry rations instead and had a little picnic of tuna, cheese, crackers, peanut butter and jelly and raisins. Calvin was delighted to have so many of his favorites for our little “picnic” lunch.

After his nap at around 4:30pm, the power still wasn’t back but at least the snow had stopped coming down. We decided to brave the snow and try to drive out for dinner. After a good 20 mins of cleaning off the snow from our car, we were off…. Except there was a bit of ice that formed near our parking area. So off went the papa to scrape it off before we wiggled out a little bit more, then more scraping and lurching and wiggling and finally we managed to get off our little cul-de-sac and onto the main road, only to find a road block because a tree branch had felled an electric wire.

After the small detour, we drove off to the mall area but many of the restaurants were closed. The one sandwich place open was crowded with hungry college kids, who have been bored to death from having no electronic entertainment and were probably enjoying the free wi-fi. So we ended up buying Fried chicken from the grocery store and eating it at the seating area inside. The first few bites of forbidden food always tastes to good, except our healthy diet must have really spoiled our taste buds and stomach because I soon find the food too salty and our stomachs were feeling a little queasy. I think that pretty much took away any craving I have for fried food.

As we were driving home, I was starting to wonder if I should take the food in my fridge and leave it outside in the snow to keep it from spoiling. I have a fair amount of stuff in there so I was dreading the process. To our pleasant surprise, the power was back again! Hooray for the hard-working people from the power company! Maybe living close to the university comes with such unexpected benefits too?


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