Developmental Worries

While I don’t want to compare him with other kids, I am rather concerned that his gross motor development is still lagging badly compared to other kids his age. I’m not sure if prematurity has anything to do with it. He did walk rather late at 18 months (16 months adjusted).

He’s already well past three but he can’t jump with two feet together, doesn’t really walk up stairs with feet alternating (could be a confidence/ overprotective issue since we’ve seen him do a few steps before), not interested to start toilet training, doesn’t want to learn to get dressed. On the other hand, he speaks very well in complete sentences and clear diction and a wide ranging vocabulary. He is very good with imaginative play. Not sure if there is anything we should be worried about, like maybe if he needs physical therapy or something?

On a side note, J passed his qualifying exams today! On to the next stage of the pHd journey :p


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