3.5 Year Milestones

I haven’t been keeping track of his milestones as much as I should have. So here’s a belated version for the 3 -4 year old. We obviously still have quite a bit of stuff to work on but seeing him make quite a bit of progress lately has made me more optimistic.

1. Language

He can say his name and age. He knows the name of the street that we stay at, speaks clearly and in complete sentences, ask lots of questions and can tell lots of fanciful stories. Sometimes he can’t seem to differentiate between his stories from reality. Recently, he seems to be developing invisible friends like one called ‘Peppely’ who lives far away and has a car. Then somehow his cousin Laura is a wagon (cousin by the same name actually exists though he has never met her)

2. Cognitive

Likes to ask all sorts of ‘why’ questions, recognizes common colors, shapes, alphabets. Fantasize very very creatively. I’ve begun to write down some of his more fanciful ones. I’m sure it will prove entertaining in the years to come šŸ˜€ He can also understand time a little better like morning, afternoon and night, that there are 7 days in a week. He can also remember many, many stories that we’ve read to him.

Some in the list that I’m not sure of are: Understand the idea of same and different; Counting – he doesn’t like to count out loud and often tell me the wrong number of items….; Sort objects by shape and color; Complete age-appropriate puzzles – Hmm, what’s age appropriate. He’s not very into puzzles. He’d rather pretend the puzzle pieces are something else. He can do peg puzzles very well. The alphabet one he can work on with some help. He definitely can’t do the 24 piece puzzles.

Mar 31: started to compare features and look at differences. Likes to play putting up “how many fingers” with me. Good for little car ride distractions.

3. Movement

  • Walk up and down stairs, alternating feet – This he can do on small steps but perhaps because we are overprotective — I loath to think of him tumbling down the stairs. He prefers to hold our hands or the handles when doing it.
  • Kick, throw, and catch a ball — He can throw a ball but not with any form of control. Kicking and catching is still beyond him.
  • Climb well – Hmm, probably not though he’s finally starting to show interest in trying out the playground structures.
  • Run more confidently and ride a tricycle – He can run pretty well. We got him a balance bike instead of tricycle so he hasn’t learnt to pedal yet. A brand new trike is on its way to our house though šŸ˜› Recently, he’s finally getting the hang of scooting in his cozy coupe and also his balance bike!
  • Hop and stand on one foot for up to five seconds – Not at all. First he’ll probably need to learn to jump with two feet together
  • Walk forward and backwards easily; bend over without falling – This he does with ease and frequently

4. Hand and Finger Skills

  • More easily handle small objects and turn a page in a book
  • Use age-appropriate scissors – Not very good with the scissors. He can’t seem to open them very well. I’m trying to get some child size tongs to train his finger strength since he doesn’t seem keen to try the scissors
  • Copy circles and squares – Maybe a circle. Definitely not the square.
  • Draw a person with two to four body parts – Not interested at all….I guess he’s most likely not going to end up as an artist.
  • Write some capital letters – Only doodles so far.
  • Mar 31: wrote a few letters like C, S, and V

  • Build a tower with nine or more blocks – He can build a decent tower though he gets frustrated easily. If one falls off, he’ll use his hand to knock all of it down.
  • Dress and undress without your help – Still working on it but at least he can put his hands through the arm hole properly. Also recently practiced pulling his pants up and down, taking off his socks, putting his shoes on and off (very reluctantly…he keeps trying to ask us to do it for him)
  • Mar 31: can put on and take off his shoes himself.

  • Screw and unscrew jar lids – Yup
  • Turn rotating handles – He can open the easier doors. Some door handles are too big and smooth for his little hands.


5. Emotional and Social

  • Imitate parents and friends – He sometimes likes to pretend to be one of us. His favorite though is to pretend to be the teacher and ‘teaching’ us all sorts of funny things.
  • Show affection for familiar family and friends – We get lots of hugs and kisses (on request). Definitely something to cherish while it lasts especially since he stopped giving those uber slobbery ones.
  • Understands the idea of “mine” and “his/hers” – Yes
  • Show a wide range of emotions, such as being sad, angry, happy, or bored – He’s been practicing his angry and sad feelings too. We love his fake angry face. He’ll scrunch his nose up and try to look fierce šŸ™‚

One more thing that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere is potty training. He’s been refusing to sit on the potty so we were resigned to try a stool instead just for practice. He’s afraid of sitting on his potty for some reason. Could be because he fell in the toilet bowl in school, or the cold potty seat on his bum, just simply not motivated to do it since it’s a hassle? We’ll just have to try and try again. So many projects to tackle. Like teaching him chinese – I have trouble finding chinese books that I think he may like.



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