Calvin spree

So I did say I wasn’t going to buy lots of toys for him. Well compared to many people, I can probably comfort myself that it’s still relatively little. Except for a few items like the jungle junction tree house, the Tidmouth sheds and one action chugger, we actually don’t have toys that are tied to particular TV characters. After a while, I realize that he would prefer to use his imagination and pretend that his more generic toys or blocks are whatever he wants them to be… Cars, trucks or even people.

Most of the stuff are fairly open-ended toys like blocks (small wooden ones, the ones in the wagon, soft cloth ones, big foam ones), building toys (railroad tracks, Tinkertoy, trio blocks) and of course lots and lots of little vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The last summer when we went home, we (as in us, my mum and in-laws) went totally bonkers buying him new sets of vehicles like the emergency vehicles, construction vehicles, trailer truck, pickup truck. And then we gave him a 3 more small hot wheel cars for his birthday. Then he has one balance bike and I recently gave in and bought him a tricycle to encourage him to pedal so he can join the other kids in school and pedal. I guess that means the balance bike will retire for a while…

I also bought some craft related things for him. Mostly for his sensory bin which he calls his project box. Like pompom, buttons, pipe cleaners, lots and lots of beans (so far we have pinto and green beans). And some stencils to encourage him to draw. All in all quite successful because he’s been showing a lot more interest in drawing. For all my worries, he’s actually using the correct grasp for his age, the 5 point grasp. And even though he shows no interest in following our lead to draw shapes or letters, he can trace the stencils very well all by himself.

As for books, so far his books can fit into a medium-sized box and most of them are cheap buys from the library sale so I won’t feel much pain donating them when he’s through with them. Most of the time we just go through lots of different books at the library. His interests change so fast that reading the same books over and over bores him anyway. We did have a few incidents when he wanted a book and had to be disappointed when it was checked out at the library but I guess that’s a good opportunity for him to experience small disappointments in life.

And recently, we finally got to use the bath squirters I bought on a whim more than 2 years ago at full retail price at a store in KK hospital when we went for one of his checkups. I was surprised to find that he can actually squeeze those squirters with relative ease. Maybe all those different fine motor activities really helped him to use his hands.

In fact, seeing how engaged he is recently has motivated me to look for more things for him. I guess trying to be minimalistic is a good way to keep irrational purchases in check but I’ve never really been an impulse buyer. (though admittedly I’m a lot more indulgent with things that the two loves in my family would enjoy) And I still won’t be buying electronic junk anyway. Haha, maybe I’m just trying hard to justify buying even more things and seeing his eyes lit up in excitement. I am however going to try to quietly trim his collection, by trying to get rid of that Thomas the train toy that never really engaged him.


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