Easter Egg Hunt #1

A parent from Calvin’s preschool had kindly invited us to have an easter egg hunt at the grandpa’s farm nearby. It was a 30 minute drive and we arrived a little early. About 30 mins before the egg hunt began. Calvin was excited about it that he kept asking “Is it time to do the easter egg hunt yet?” Finally the other parents came in and we made some small talk etc. After waiting with bated breath for so long, Calvin got a little tired out and we held on to him to keep him warm and let him rest a little. And finally, the hunt started. The bigger children dashed all around grabbing eggs. Even though we had a head start by virtue of being younger, our slow pace was no match for the zest of those eager 5 and 6 year olds. The funny thing was in their haste, they left a trail of green eggs behind, spotting only the brightly colored ones and we had a field time picking up a variety of green eggs and finding some elusive ones that were tucked in odd nooks and crannies in the tree roots.

Oh and Calvin got his first taste of candy when he ate one of the little sugared eggs decorating his cupcake. Well, the good thing is we rarely have sweets in the house though there is an abundance of chocolate. Some of the easter eggs do come with candy inside. It’s funny how so many of America’s celebrations end up with candy and chocolate – Vday, Easter, Halloween, Christmas. I’m still hoping we can keep him in the dark about candy for a little while more.

There’s still another egg hunt at J’s mentors house. Maybe we can have our own little easter egg hunt inside the house too one of these days.


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