There’s a boy in Calvin’s school that has been bugging him for a while. At one point, when Calvin didn’t want to go to school, I even suspected it was because of that boy S. I’ve seen that boy harass Calvin and reprimanded him before. Things like tapping him on the head even though Calvin was trying to get away, rubbing sand on his jacket at the playground, blocking his way so he can’t get up the playground etc. For a while, he wasn’t showing up around Calvin anymore, at least when I’m not around so I thought it was all good.

Then last week, when Johnny brought him for the school field trip. The harassment started again. It started in the morning when S was playing with an abacus and banging the beads to the sides. When he saw us, he said “This is Calvin at the side and I’m shooting him”. Then later, he came with another bunch of boys pretending to play spies and “shooting” us. He also made fun of Calvin when he was pretending to play moving house, laughing with ill intentions in his face. And at the playground, he and another boy tried to force Calvin to slide down the slide by pulling him, even though Calvin said quite emphatically that he doesn’t want to. And S said he would push Calvin off the playground. Yeah, things that were basically enough to enrage a protective papa and mama bear both.

I never thought he would have to deal with a bully at 3 years old. I’ve been teaching him how to say no to that kid and to tell the teachers if he doesn’t stop the bullying behaviour. But we are probably going to have a chat with his teachers as well just so they can help keep an eye on them. I certainly hope he will be able to learn how to deal with such annoying bratty bullies.


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