Easter Egg Hunt #2 & Kite Flying

We went to J’s professor’s house for an Easter egg hunt again. It’s a little bit further this time, about 30 mins away, literally mins away from Seth’s grandparents farm that we went to last week.

When we got there, Calvin was just as excited as before. This time it was a more cozy affair with 12 kids instead of 60. They served adult food this time – bagels, smoked salmon, fruit salad. Yummy! We were helpfully directed to a little corner that no one else went to and got a good picking which is good since Mr Calvin likes to go slow. Actually we enjoy looking for the ones that are tucked into little corners that no one else found. For Calvin, most of the fun is in the hunting because fortunately he doesn’t know about candy yet. While the other children greedily gobbled the sweets as soon as they could, Calvin spat out both the gummy bears and the chocolate eggs that we found inside. We’ll see how long this can last. While I feel like I’m kinda depriving him but it’s probably better for him this way.

some of the kids were playing with their kites so we decided to give ours a go too. As before, it was a horrible flop before we realized that the kite was attached the wrong way. Whoops! So with that, we finally got our kite flying. Calvin managed to fly the kite by himself! Mostly he held onto the string while I hold his other hand and run just so he would go in the right direction. He couldn’t help but turn around every so often to see his kite flying. He’s definitely developing an independent streak recently, with lots of “I can do it myself. I don’t need any help”.  He didn’t even want us to hold his kite for him… I’m glad he has developed enough self confidence to do so 🙂

At one point, his kite got tangled up in a tree and we were shouting for him to stop. He was having so much fun that he just kept on running. So we had to take his kite away and gave him his second good talking to about stopping when we tell him to. To his credit, he was upset when we took away the kite but managed to control his emotions well enough to tell me he was upset and talk to me. I told him we’d play a stop and go game and if he did well, he can have his kite back. I feel kinda softie doing that but he has been trying hard.

There was a girl who asked if she could fly our kite so I let her have a turn except she went ahead and gave another little girl a turn and then wanted another turn. Calvin was starting to look a bit upset, saying something like “It’s my kite/ turn”. So I quickly got it from the girl after her second try. I guess sharing is still hard especially since he had been waiting for us to figure out how to fly the kite (2 failures from both of us + 2 tries with another kid to get it flying before I figured out what was wrong)  and had just managed to fly it for the first time ever.  All in all, I think he did pretty well.


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