Building confidence

It’s funny how much you can learn from seeing a child grow. When he was born premature, all I wished for was that he would be a normal healthy boy and I’ve never felt so strongly that health is more important than anything else. In fact, I became a lot more obsessed with eating and living a healthy lifestyle since then. Maybe also because I want us to be there for little Calvin for a long time to come.

Then I learnt patience while taking care of the difficult little baby rascal. And now I’m working on how to give him the confidence to learn new skills. When he first tried out the scissors, I kept trying to force him into holding it the proper way. He didn’t manage it very well because his fine motor skills weren’t developed enough. He quickly got tired of it and stopped wanting to try altogether for the longest time. Then I decided that he didn’t like being pressured and constantly nagged at while he was exploring it so I let him open and close it with two hands as he liked to though I still emphasize the safe handling of scissors. We also worked on other fine motor activities like play doh and his “sand”box. Finally today, when I whipped out a new pack of colorful construction paper and cut out strips for him to glue onto his plastic Easter egg, he wanted to have a go at cutting too and to my surprise, he held the scissors in the proper grip and started cutting. I’m still helping him hold the paper while he cuts but I’m very happy to see that he is confident enough to do it now.

The other day during our meeting with his teachers. They were recounting how Calvin finally slide down the school playground slide. Camille saw him sitting at the top of the slide and asked if he wanted her to stand at the bottom so she can catch him. He declined and continued to sit there. Ten as she turned her back, ‘wheesh’ came Calvin, down the slide all by himself. I thought I should learn from that and take a step back, let him explore on his own and ask for help when he needs to.


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