I mentioned that Calvin had an imaginary friend called ‘Peppely’ and we thought this must be a sign from him that he wants to make friends. In fact, I saw him make overtures at random boys he sees at the library or at the easter egg hunt last week. Except those kids didn’t respond to him and there weren’t opportunities for them to play together. So we planned a playdate with one of his school mates instead. Calvin has mentioned ‘playing’ with Aditya in school before though it’s most likely parallel play. Initially, we invited them to come to our place but they said why not go to their place since there is a playground outside. It turned out the day was chilly and we were playing in their house instead.

Having their favorite strawberries

Apr 2: Two boys eating their favorite strawberries

Aditya is a friendly boy who likes vehicles just like Calvin. He’s 1 year plus older though he will be attending kindergarten next year while little Calvin will still be 2 years behind, based on

the Sep 30 cutoff for schools here. Aditya was excited to show Calvin around. At first, Calvin wasn’t sure how to play together and he was playing with A’s big car transporter in the living room while A was building a boat. Calvin wanted us to play with him but we said why not play with A? Then they went to A’s ‘room’ and we heard lots of squealing, giggling, music, etc. Somehow out of sight of the adults, the two kids were having a grand time. We were glad they hit it off so well.

His teachers were asking us to set up playdates with the other kids in his ‘bug’ class instead – which comprises of children who would not be entering kindergarten next year. But somehow I felt that heir temperaments and interests don’t mesh well with Calvin. So I’m glad we arranged for this playdate.  I hope they will have many more fun times together. Now I can start planning exciting activities that they can both have fun with. Like tubs of bubbles, or a bigger sensory bin for two? 😀


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