Tiring New Routine

So we switched our own routine recently. Instead of putting him to sleep and sneaking out, one of us would fall asleep with him from 9+ pm. Actually, I thought I would be able to wake up early and get some things done but I only managed to wake up at 7am and shortly after I get up, Mr Calvin would wake up too. Guess he inherited my light sleeper genes….

The weather’s been great recently and Johnny’s parents came to visit so we ended up going out lots every day. On Saturday, we went to Riverview Park and had a long hike together. Calvin really surprised me with his stamina. He didn’t even asked to be carried. Later in the evening, we visited the dogwood festival carnival and watched the fireworks. The loud sounds were a little scary for Calvin so next time, I should probably get him ear plugs if we are going to see fireworks again. On Sunday, we went to Pen Park to fly a kite and play at the playground. Then walked out to the Piedmont playground and walking trail after dinner. Today,we went to Forest Hill Park after dinner too. After a long day of cooking today, my feet were totally pooped and in need of some tender loving care. I have to say going out all the time really tires me out. The hectic days really gets to me and today I was getting rather grumpy and cross because I haven’t had much chance to get down time to just relax and recharge on my own.



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