I’m a…. Gardener? … Probably Not

Recently I’ve been obsessing about my new garden which now has 5 strawberry plants, 1 tomato, some lettuce that I’m trying to sprout and a bunch of baby onions I just planted. It all started when I had a sprouted garlic and on a whim decided to find a nice sunny spot outside our house to plant it just for the sake of education/entertainment for Calvin. Some pesky neighbor kept digging it up but it’s surprisingly hardy and is growing some new leaves.

Then his parents came and decided to buy us some strawberry plants and onion sets and a bag of potting mix. That’s when I got all worked up about finding out all about gardening in containers – what pots I need, how to water them, what kind of fertilizer etc. (After all that reading, I did conclude not to fertilize at all because of all the chemicals use in commercial fertilizers) I also found that no matter how good composting is for the garden, I will never ever try doing it myself. Especially not the worm composting which has to sit inside the house. Talk about ick. I’m still super squeamish about anything slimy even if they are actually clean and totally benign like earthworms or frogs? So I guess that concludes that I’m never going to be a super gardener if at all.

We’ll see how these plants fare this year. Maybe next year we will try again with some different crops 🙂


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