Early start for a Sunday

After switching to sleeping at kids time, it seems like my sleep debt has been paid. Today, when Calvin woke me up at 4:45 am, I decided to sneak out after settling him in. It was a surprisingly productive morning for me – preparing the things I need for dinner and lunch, tasting and adjusting the slow cooker marinara I had cooking overnight, boiling water, making lemon tea, zesting the lemon for baking later, washing up last night’s rice pot and pans, doing the laundry, inspecting and watering my plants. And then like clockwork, Mr Calvin woke up at 7ish. I couldn’t hear him over the loud dryer sound so his dad had to bring him down before creeping back into bed again.

Then I made sausage and spinach frittata which was pretty good. Better than quiche I must say because of the crispy edges of the egg. Other than feeling more hungry than ever because I woke up earlier, I’m actually surprisingly perky and energetic 6 hrs after I woke up. It’s a pretty good feeling I must say.



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