Memory of a Preschooler

Calvin never fails to surprise me with his good and precise memory. Yesterday, he suddenly mentioned that he remembered that he puked up in the bed in Singapore when we went back for vacation last year and that he was wearing his skunk shirt at that time and we brought him to the bathroom and changed the bed sheets.

Somehow I’ve always thought he wouldn’t remember most of the things we did back then when he was 2.5 years old. But I guess he would probably forget most of these when he’s much older.

Yesterday was one of those perfectly ordinary days. I was happy as a lark. Somehow this routine of sleeping early is making me happier. Maybe I was sleep deprived before and the irregular sleep times were also doing nasty things to my circadian clock. We went out after dinner to Tonsler park and while Calvin didn’t go down the big slides, he at least went down the smaller ones without much persuasion ( though he still asks us to stand in front of the slide). We sat on the seesaw and swings together and ran around lots in general. I’m proud of my little wee one.


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